How a Large Merchant Trading House Uses Value Creed’s Expertise On Demand and Managed Services for Error-Free EOD Reporting​

Meeting The Needs In Commodity Trading

A large merchant trading house works with commodities across the globe. With hundreds of daily reports and dozens of traders utilizing their CTRM, the company requires best-in-class service for error-free operations.

Value Creed began working with the client’s team for overnight monitoring and resolutions of their End-Of-Day (EOD) processes. With this Managed Service running successfully, our teams worked together to build new solutions that increased business capabilities.

Key Results


help desk tickets documented for easier bug resolution and trackability

Extensive Documentation

for the EOD Valuation, Settlement & related processes

Extended CTRM

to meet the demanding needs of various business processes

Managed Services Solutions

Help Desk Reporting

Issue: Users tracked and reported problems via email as they arose. With hundreds of emails coming in every day, issues were lost in the shuffle and left unresolved.

Value Creed enhanced the current help desk system to automatically track issues reported over email, leading to faster resolutions with no lost reports. Our team continuously monitor the help desk throughout the day for reactive daytime resolutions.


Result: In a short amount of time, Value Creed’s Managed Services team logged 2,500+ tickets and provided both immediate and long-term solutions for improvements.

End of Day Valuations

Issue: Errors happening during the EOD valuation process would delay the completion of the process leading to reruns of specific issues. Oftentimes these issues ran into the workday causing performance issues for users at the start of the day.


Solution: Value Creed’s Managed Services team began documenting valuation processes, related errors and resolution steps. This enables faster error resolution thanks to proactive nighttime monitoring. They also reported the issues to the CTRM vendor to get resolutions that could not be fixed without the vendor’s help.


Result: The client’s internal team now has more time to perform high-value tasks in the morning hours. Overnight reporting and manual processes are now managed by the Value Creed team so no one has to wake up during off-hours to react to any critical issues.


Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Managed Services

Round-the-clock management solutions provide proactive overnight monitoring and reactive daytime resolutions to your CTRM. Critical issues are resolved and improvements are made by our expert staff, creating new opportunities for your in-house resources.

Expertise On Demand
An experienced team and sophisticated technology combine to deliver feature-rich functionality and operability. You only pay for the services you need, when you need them.

Correctly Categorizing Trade Types Based on Business Needs


A custom attribute needed to be set in the valuation records for accurate P&L reporting. The attribute was based on a custom logic, but needed to be optimized since it was running 15,000 times every night.


Our team refactored the code so it meets best practices and development standards. Data not needed during the extension process is filtered out and the attribute is prevented from running when there is nothing to be processed


Cleaner, more manageable code with faster valuations, faster reporting, and happier data consumers.

Generating Reports for Traders & Risk Managers

Issue: A variety of reports needed to be built, as well as some curated processes to fulfill the needs of traders. Most tasks were still being done manually, which took up a lot of extra time. The ultimate goal was to automate the reports.

Value Creed generates reports and runs processes on an ad-hoc basis. Crucial information is now delivered to users at the beginning of the day so they can verify accuracy and provide feedback to their internal teams.

Result: The internal team now has more time to perform high-value tasks in the morning hours. Manual reporting and manual processes were eliminated so no one has to wake up during the night to cater to the ever-changing needs of the business.


We perform all the below processes whenever needed:

Re-run the EDI process 

Delete duplicate valuation rows

Check the Position impact on PnL when it errors

Restart various servers

Creating Value

Thanks to Managed Services, the client no longer focuses on routine, manual tasks. The company has the freedom to invest in new endeavors like data analysis, building data lakes and other initiatives crucial to their commodity trading business.

With Expertise On-Demand, Value Creed’s consultants handle issues as they arise and the client benefits from rapid response to critical errors. Our team continually improves on the system, leading to a better tomorrow so the company can focus on today.

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