Four Types of Testing Value Creed Offers for RightAngle

Thorough Testing is the Key to RightAngle Optimization

To get the most out of the RightAngle system, customers need a comprehensive testing plan. Whether you are testing standard RightAngle modules and features or custom code and interfaces, testing requirements can strain IT resources and delay the deployment and implementation of important capabilities.


Powerful Customizations For RightAngle That Require Comprehensive Testing

RightAngle offers several customizations that commodities enterprises should leverage to improve performance and efficiency:

Value Creed Testing Services for Organizations Using RightAngle

Value Creed consultants and support team members have worked with our customers to develop testing processes applicable to any situation.

Our proven testing procedure identifies opportunities for RightAngle testing automation and provides deliverables at every step of the way to ensure visibility, identify bottlenecks, and prescribe solutions to your platform and software testing inefficiencies.  

Testing Ensures Optimal Operation Across All Run-Operate Processes

Comprehensive RightAngle CTRM Platform Testing

Delivering best-practices testing for liquids-focused commodities trading and risk
management software

System Testing

Value Creed mobilizes its functional and RightAngle platform expertise in quality assurance, error resolution, and bug tracking using QMetry. We evaluate platform responsiveness and alignment with business functions, reporting requirements and interfaces.

Value Creed manual functional testing routinely delivers:

  • 50% faster go-to-market speed
  • 30% increase in ROI
  • 25% increase in quality on day one

Performance Testing

Customized, repeatable RightAngle testing processes certify current productivity and future scalability. Our RightAngle Performance Testing for commodities trading and risk management rectifies the system slowness, deadlocks & index issues. We also load-test the server (application & database) configurations to optimize cost & performance.

Value Creed’s performance testing includes:

  • Identification of the business-critical scenario (core & custom) and creation of logical test data
  • Creation of Load Test scenario to mimic Business process activity load
  • Detailed performance test summary along with resolution steps for identified bottlenecks.

Regression Testing

Automated processes expedite testing times, minimize errors, maintain strict metrics, and enable product functionality extensions. Value Creed’s approach to automation test cases using TestComplete for RightAngle enables reusability of test cases as well as flexibility to include /exclude scenarios, based on testing requirements.

Value Creed’s regression testing enables:

  • Rapid deployment & execution
  • Detailed execution summary for identification of failover scenarios
  • Reusability of test case

Security Testing

Value Creed’s RightAngle experts assess both internal application access and external penetration vulnerabilities. Security testing is critical to not only safeguarding data but also ensuring its integrity and availability while maintaining maximum platform uptime, performance, and adherence to applicable compliance guidelines.

Value Creed’s security testing includes:

  • Infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • Data integrity & security
  • RightAngle application role-based data access testing

Complimentary RightAngle CTRM Services

Training, Consultation, Automation, and More

Value Creed’s RightAngle services extend far beyond testing. In addition to reviewing stem test scenarios and building scripts, we offer a suite of services to optimize RightAngle productivity and streamline all processes from trade capture to final invoicing. These services include Identifying and implementing opportunities to automate testing procedures, repetitive business processes, knowledge transfer and user training, and more. 

Accelerate RightAngle Testing with Value Creed’s Expertise

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