After implementing a new CTRM platform a large commodities trading organization called on Value Creed to assist its users throughout the learning phase, provide ongoing help desk support, and respond to after-hours reconciliation issues and ensure timely, accurate overnight reports to inform next-day strategies.

The results:

  • 55% more in-house IT staff time dedicated to high-value tasks
  • 95% reduction in trading-day delays caused by overnight reporting errors
  • 100+ platform-support tickets resolved in the first three months

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After a diversified energy company based in New York encountered multiple barriers and challenges in upgrading its CTRM system, it turned to Value Creed for support. 

Through Value Creed’s development, QA process, and testing efforts, technical issues were quickly resolved, achieving:

  • Full regression test run-through before business user testing
  • Successful CTRM upgrade within three months with fully functional go-live testing
  • Remediation of 150 class events in newly upgraded CTRM platform 

Learn how Value Creed’s CTRM Testing Services and Expertise On Demand Solutions resulted in a complete CTRM upgrade and digital transformation. 

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A well-known chain of gasoline service stations improved its performance, accessibility and security with CTRM Cloud Services and CTRM Cloud Infrastructure and Monitoring. Thanks to Value Creed’s expertise, the client has a future-proof infrastructure stack leveraging the flexibility of the cloud, as well as full ownership and control over its data.

The results:

  • 100% accessible from anywhere using a custom virtual desktop
  • 24/7/365 support delivered with Value Creed and the client as a team
  • New security controls for secure cloud deployment with up-to-date security

Learn more about how cloud CTRM software transformed the client’s digital strategy.

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