How Eco-Energy Achieved Oracle Cloud Integration Success With Value Creed's Expertise On Demand

The Challenge: Integrating CTRM Platform with Oracle Key Processes

Eco-Energy is a midstream marketing, trading and distribution company focused on natural gas and ethanol marketing and logistics. The company sought Value Creed’s expertise to integrate between Allegro and Oracle Fusion.

Value Creed undertook three types of integrations for their client: Accounts payable, accounts receivable, and credit memos, using our Expertise On Demand service.

Key Results


Counterparty and third party invoices


Payment Vouchers

<1 %

Errors in invoices

100 %

Transition ahead-of-schedule

Keys To Successful Integration

Value Creed’s experts held SCRUM calls with Eco-Energy’s team nearly every day, allowing us to gain useful insights into their technical needs across a three-month integration process.

Identifying Challenges

  • We avoided hard-coding by using mapping tables to align the data source needs for multiple mapping mechanisms on the front end. Doing so allowed us to identify the best methods of suiting the integration.
  • Through this process we were able to remain flexible throughout the entire integration, allowing us perspective into what challenges we would face and the best ways to handle them as they arose.

Quality Assurance​

  • Invoices (payable or receivable) that were generated in the CTRM were accumulated into a staging table. When we called the Oracle APIs, the system identified specified columns, confirming that these invoices were successfully posted.
  • Through this process we were able to identify minor differences in the price and quantity calculations, which could lead to inaccurate order data. Our quality assurance confirmed value and quality matched in both the CTRM system and Oracle.

Voiding Payable Invoices​

  • When a credit is provided for a receivable invoice in the CTRM platform, voided values must be interfaced in Oracle so the balance is equivalent. Value Creed defined a specific process that allowed this voiding process to run successfully.
  • Thanks to our flexible approach to integration development, we implemented proactive error resolution at every step of the data stream.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Expertise On Demand

Functional and technical expertise enabling product enhancements to be leveraged by in-house staff instantly upon upgrade completion.

Exhaustive Q/A testing and in-depth cross training ensured user acceptance and project success.

Lessons Learned in Cloud Integration

Moving from JD Edwards to Oracle required users to adapt to the new software. Value Creed was able to facilitate this process by building customizations and proactive error resolution that kept Eco-Energy’s team members working efficiently throughout the integration process.

Best of all, our collaboration on the integration process helped build an excellent relationship between employees of both companies. We worked consistently with their in-house team on multiple tickets to showcase our abilities and continuously build success in their CTRM business processes thanks to Expertise On Demand.

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