A Global Coal Producer Streamlines Execution Through Value Creed’s Comprehensive Program Management Service

Performance Challenge

A leading global coal company wanted a streamlined source for solution delivery within a limited time frame. This required a team of hyper-vigilant project managers to ensure that tasks are completed to the specific requirements with all security measures. The client wanted to follow through migration of scripts for cloud hosting of its data with meticulous program management to have low discrepancies in their operations.


Accountable &

Quantifiable Results


Strong Program Governance



Program Management

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Program Management

Embark on your project with Value Creed’s comprehensive Program Management service. We bring in the right people and assets together to coordinate tight schedules and dependencies. Our industry-experienced team not only enforces but constructs and operates office governance, manages budgets, and meets project deadlines

Key Takeaways

Value Creed’s program management service enabled the company to have quantifiable results within a tight schedule. We ensured the necessary involvement of diverse stakeholders with defined roles and adhered to varied processes followed by the company. Our benchmarked practices made the company confident in our service, which added value to their entire project. We also ensured complete security and prevention of any data loss during the project since the company had off-shore IT Support.

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